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OPT Partner Program Merchandise

Want to sell merchandise for your business/organization/brand, but don't want the hassle of......handling/making the product, investing lots of $$$ in inventory, selling and shipping?

OPT Partner Program takes care of everything for you and THERE IS NO $$$ INVESTMENT* on your end!

How it works

-We work with you on what designs to sell (see below*)

-Help you select appropriate merchandise/colors

-We set all the pricing for your merchandise 

-You will have your own page on the OPT website with your merchandise only

-OPT will provide a link to place on your business/organization/brand page, which links directly to your specific page on the OPT site.

-We do all the production and shipping - merchandise is made/shipped when it is ordered (from our facility in Massillon, OH)

-Your products will be available for wholesale and retail sales

-You will earn a percentage of all sales - retail (20%-before taxes) and wholesale (5%)

-We also offer fundraising for organizations.  Since the fundraising organization earns 35%, you will earn 10% from any sales of your merchandise involved in a fundraiser.

-Your merchandise might also be ideal to be customized as well (ie: vacation souvenirs and more)

*Artwork - We want this to be a 'no $$$ investment' on your end, but not everyone has print ready artwork.  There may be a minimal charge to get your artwork print ready, however, we don't mind doing some free legwork to get your merchandise ready to go. Just let us know what you have to work with and we can figure out the best plan of action!

What can we do for you?

Short Sleeve T’s

Long Sleeve T’s

Tank Tops





Can Koozies (regular & slim)

Mouse Pads


String (backpack) Sacks

Window Decals

Please contact us to discuss the OPT Partner Program!  

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