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Raise money TWO WAYS with OPT Fundraising

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rally towel.png
string sack.png

1.  Sell items designed for your specific organization.....

2.  PLUS, you earn more money by selling the entire OPT brand items.....

Short Sleeve T’s

Long Sleeve T’s

Tank Tops





Can Koozies (regular & slim)

Mouse Pads


String (backpack) Sacks

Window Decals

Rally Towels

....and more!

Ukraine shirt.png
pink tote ribbon.png
softball hoodie.png
lacrosse MP.png

That's earn money selling EVERYTHING on our website!

How Does It Work?

  • Determine a length of time for your fundraiser

  • You and OPT will discuss items to sell along with designs & colors

  • We will send you a 'Fundraiser Announcement' you can print, email and post to social media

  • You will be given a special PROMO CODE included on the Fundraiser Announcement for folks to enter at checkout

  • Your specific organization items will be displayed on a unique page

  • Folks can shop your specific organization selections and the entire OPT brand apparel/items

  • All payments are done through the OPT website so you don't have to worry about collecting money

  • Once the fundraiser is complete, we will print and send everything to you....along with your money!

Download our Fundraising Flyer!

Just drop us line at .......... .......... and we will be in touch soon!

How Much Do You Make?

  • Baseline profit is 35% of all sales

  • We do deduct shipping costs (free delivery within 30 mile radius of Canton, OH)

  • There may be artwork/screen setup fees for 'your specific items' based on design complexity

  • If you are not ‘tax exempt’, we do have to charge sales tax

  • Just are earning money off our entire site, PLUS your specific items

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